2. Your Actual Treatment

The 2 Metre Rule


  • During your treatment, a therapist will need to be within your “2 metre” bubble as we take your pulse and perform the acupuncture, this is why we (patient and therapist) need to be wearing effective face masks. 


  • All hands-on treatment have an increased risk of infection, so we aim to keep being in your bubble down to a minimum.


  • Massage plays a major part of treating muscular skeletal ailment in Chinese Medicine and your recovery. Depending on what the signs and symptoms are depends upon what needs doing, though we aim to keep this type of contact down to a minimum.




  • During normal appointments we would stay with a patient while they relax, using Reiki or other therapeutic methods, we will have to step out of your bubble to either allow you to relax, enjoy the view out of the window or to chat from a safe physical distance. 




  • Due to the need for finger dexterity as acupuncturists it is unlikely that we will be wearing gloves, therefore our hand washing needs to be regular and thorough.


  • During your time in the treatment rooms, please aim to restrict your contact with furniture and surfaces, as everything that you touch increases risk for future patients and will add to the post treatment clean down.


  • Please allow us, as therapists to open and close any doors, if the clinic has only one therapists working some doors will be left propped open to allow fresh air ventilation.