4. How are your therapists keeping well?

Personal Wellbeing and Self Development

During Lockdown we have all had an opportunity to spend time doing things that we would not have had time to do normally. 

– For some of us this has been a time of spending more time with family, reading and relaxing. 

– For others it has been a lions tamers job homeschooling and the stresses that that has brought.

– And for others who have been on the frontline will be exhausted in as many ways as we can think. 

For us therapists, we are always giving. During Lockdown this has had to change, this time has been really unusual, and we have been finding ways for us to develop ourselves.  Whether through Sport, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Qi, or reading around the subject that we love.  We, as therapist, have been busy making the most of this opportunity.


4 Days on 10 Days off routine

To begin with, in a bid to be able to work and to keep patient and therapist safe we will be following a 4 Days on 10 Days off routine, this is said to be effective in reducing the spread of disease as the virus does not become externally contagious until after day 4, so this technique reduces the chances of causing further infection.

The 4 days on followed by 10 days off would make sure therapists are not passing any caught infection on to patients while they could possibly be infectious.

If during the 10 day period we start to show symptoms of Covid-19 we will be safely away from patients and will be able to self-isolate until symptoms are over and chance of contagion is passed.

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