At Iwood Manor there has been evidence of mill workings since doomsday. Some think the settlement of Iwood has been active since the Roman times, and may have been a critical river route for the transport of lead from the Mendips.

The Mill was a very busy centre of flour production and during the middle part of the 1800’s grinding barley imported from Russia. The mill building was burned down in 1892 while the miller was at the Plough Inn in Congresbury with his brother who ran the mill by the weir in Congresbury.

The Mill floor plan was unearthed during restoration of the mill wheel which was shattered by lump hammer at the first mention of “Health and Safety” during the 1960’s, the remains of the wheel was then plastered in “Barbed and Razor” wire!! and left to rot.

The wheel now turns as a folly after the renovation of the mill and the waterways, the main purpose of which was to make the most of the 2 meter height difference by producing electricity in the “Mini Hydro” scheme, which is housed in the little stone building.

The Turbine within the building runs through a gear box that turns a generator that is capable of producing 8.5 Kilowatt hour, that is enough to power Iwood Manor.