Therapy Rules for Lockdown Mark 2


The ruling is that we are only allowed to treat patients for “Urgent Care” or those with “High Need” 


This can depend on whether the patient is likely to require further medication or need to see a GP if they weren’t treated until after the lock-down.


What does “Urgent Care” mean?

This is acute or urgent treatments that could include, but is not exclusive to,  Acute Pain for example sciatic, back or neck pain, also time critical treatment such as in IVF cases or Acute Mental Health conditions such as Anxiety.


What does “High Need” mean?

Anything affecting Mental Health and the maintenance of Severe and Chronic Pain could be seen as High Need.


Unfortunately we are unable to treat general maintenance, seasonal or general wellbeing patients.  These rules will remain in place until the the end of the second Lock-down.


As Practitioners we are to judge each case on an individual basis and record the reasons for the decision to treat each patient, this is in case we are challenged at a later date.


If you feel your needs fit into an “Urgent Care” or “High Need” category, or your situation changes and you need an appointment, we will be happy to discuss how to proceed.


We are very saddened to have to make these changes, especially after working so hard to get the clinic up and running again after Lockdown Mark 1,  and we would like to thank you for showing such trust in our COVID-safe Protocols and for supporting us at Iwood Manor Lodge Treatment Rooms.


In these times of agonising uncertainty, painful distancing and disruption, our commitment to your health and wellbeing is our priority.  If you would like to make a telephone “support” appointment, where we can make recommendations for your health and wellbeing, please do get in touch.


We are committed to you and to the highest standards in hygiene and safety, however we do need to follow these rules.


We look forward to seeing you back in clinic very soon.


Yours sincerely 


Dan Lloyd,   Jackie Pamment   and   Victoria Gazzard