1. Iwood Manor Lodge Treatment Rooms have Reopened

Come Back With Confidence


With the road map out of the last lockdown and into the future, we are pleased to say that Iwood Manor Lodge Treatment Rooms are getting back into full swing and our Therapists “Dan Lloyd” “Jackie Pamment” and “Victoria Gazzard” are all back to work and looking forward to seeing you.


New Covid Safe Clinic


Many of you may not have been back to see us for over a year, during this time we have been able to treat Urgent and High need cases. And now we are able to offer our services to everyone.


We are following the highest standards in hygiene allowing you to feel relaxed and get the most out of your treatments.


How are we doing this?


We have created Covid Safe Protocols designed to protect you and us as therapists including:


  • Easy access to Hand Sanitiser. (everyone is asked to sanitise on entry)
  • Easy Access to washing facilities for Therapists.
  • Therapist regularly replace their face masks and other PPE to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Spare and effective face masks are available if you need one – just ask.
  • Covid-19 symptoms appraisal before entering the clinic for each client.
  • Everything you touch in the whole clinic will have been sanitised before and after your visit.
  • Couch roll is changes and the couch sanitised promptly to allow anti-viral properties to work.
  • The rooms are fully ventilated for a minimus of 15 minutes between each appointments.
  • Hep and UV-C filters are used at all times to scrub the air.
  • The room will be ready for treatment before your arrival.
  • Weather permitting, consultations can be held outside in the gardens.



What to expect at your appointment?


Waiting Room

  • In order to reduce any risk to yourself or others we will be operating without a waiting room. Please wait in your car and your therapist will invite you into the clinic.  


Distanced consultations

  • At the beginning of your appointment, we will take time to talk with you about your health and what is required for your treatment. 


  • Depending upon the weather we may be able to do this, “face to face” outside in the courtyard or with your therapist sitting by your car.


Family and Friends are asked to stay in the car

  • We ask that all patients come into the clinic for their appointments alone, unless they are minors or require assistance.  All other family members, friends or drivers must stay outside the clinic to reduce cross over.


Please leave personal accessory items in the car

  • Please remove items such as watches and jewellery (items that you usually remove for treatment) before you come into the clinic. 


Wear appropriate clothing

  • Please wear clothing that can be removed without passing over your head, eg. buttoned or zipped tops. (this is to prevent dislodging your mask)


  • Please wear loose fitting clothing that can easily be moved to give access for your treatment.


Face Masks

  • If you have a freshly laundered, comfortable and effective mask of your own please wear it to your appointment. Please do not be upset if we suggest your mask needs changing, we are trying to protect you and ourselves.


  • Alternatively a single use mask can be made available to you on entering the clinic.


Hand Hygiene

  • Hand Sanitiser is available throughout the clinic and ALL patients are required to use it on entering the clinic.   Please feel free to sanitise on your exit if you feel the need.


Temperature Reading

  • As you arrive your therapist will take your temperature using an infrared, non contact digital thermometer, having a high temperature (37.8C or greater) is not a definite indication of Covid-19 but it is measure of an infection of some sort in your body.


We hope that these simple instructions make you feel more comfortable about coming to joining us for treatment, if you have any questions or worries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us