There has been people living at Iwood for many generations, in fact there may be evidence of a settlement at Iwood dating back to the Roman times.

Iwood Manor has witnessed many global changes and developments if we could find a way to read memories of the incredible trees in the ground of Iwood Manor what would find out?

Current Iwood Manor

Iwood Manor is owned by Jackie and Kenn Lloyd, they have lived here since 2004 as their family home.

Interesting History of Iwood

The history of Iwood Manor is long and varied, being part of the Glastonbury Abbey lands in the time of Doomsday, it has passed through the hands of many families, from a rundown and dilapidated farm during the early part of 1900’s. The Manor has seen 2 major renovation works over the last 60 years leading to what it is now.

In 1973 the Manor and its lands were bought and Iwood Manor with 4 acres of land, and Iwood Manor Cottage were sold off separately. The surrounding land was absorbed into the surrounding farm.

Research about the house is still underway.

Iwood Manor Mill